Tone Dogg Raw – Optimo II

Tone Dogg Raw – Optimo II
About ‘OPTIMO II’:
“The SEVENTH project by Tone Dogg Raw. Optimo II features performances by his bandmate from Glass Bottom Boat, Cal-S-Thetics, his bandmate from Tightly Sealed, MP of Rebels to the Grain, label mete AO, Destruct, Endz, Tiny Loko, Leomar Mendez, EQ & Linoskiii! Dope production is back for this iteration of Optimo from EQ Out the Ash Tray of LA & Prez Sinatra. Rokem sets the tone of this album by providing 5 of 13 beats. More production that is featured on this banger laden installment is from Jeepz, VH$, Mono En Stereo, Al Fatra’s L’Enfwaré, 4th Beats and last but not least Apollo Brown!
Tone Dogg Raw, Doggma or Doggma1, whatever you know him as, has delivered once again with exactly what matters most to him when it comes to music. Dope Beats & Sick Rhymes. Optimo II is stripped down and more rugged than previous releases. No Gimics All Lyrics. Even still, the strength of Tone’s song writing is on full display, on songs like “Filet$” & “Collection$” just to name a few.
The underlying motif of the album (if not already apparent) is the almighty $. Financial set backs and personal hard ships fueled some of the themes and approach when assembling the project. Tone Dogg has turned his life into music. Not only just something to put out, but something he feels he’d like to listen to. No Frills Just Ill.”
‘Optimo II’ is now available on The first 10 orders will receive a limited edition CD.
Track List:
1. Optimo II (Produced by Rokem)
2. Na$tyy ft. EQ (Produced by Pres Sinatra) 02:17
3. De$file (Produced by VH$)
4. Welcome To My $pace ft. Endz, Cal-S-Thetics & Glass Bottom Boat (Produced by Jeepz)
5. Li$ten ft. Destruct, AO, MP, Cal-S-Thetics, Glass Bottom Boat & Tightly Sealed (Produced by Apollo Brown)
6. Can Man (Produced by Mono En Stereo)
7. Culture Cla$h ft. EQ & Linoskiii (Produced by Al Fatra’s L’Enfwaré)
8. Filet$ (Produced by 4th Beats and Keys by Cal-S-Thetics)
9. Till It Ain’t ft. AO (Produced by Rokem)
10. Bad V$. Wor$e ft. Tiny Loko (Produced by EQ)
11. Collection$ (Produced by Rokem)
12. Fro$tifari ft. AO, MP, Cal-S-Thetics, Leomar Mendez, Glass Bottom Boat & Tightly Sealed (Produced by Rokem)
13. Zoomin (Produced Rokem)


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