Tightly Sealed – Tightly Sealed (Deluxe Edition)

Tightly Sealed

The debut album of the duo Tightly Sealed, consisting of Tone Dogg Raw from Glass Bottom Boat and MP from Rebels to the Grain. With production from Duke Westlake, Rok3m, Kev Brown, EQ and Exile, this initial venture from this group will be sure to keep heads nodding and speakers bumping. This deluxe edition is available to paying listeners and includes special Easter eggs, as well as 3 bonus songs not available anywhere else but the physical CD.


Track List:

01. Sealed Tight (Intro)
02. Awe Inspiring Ft Kozme and Wake Self
03. Dont Be Surprised
04. Work to Do
05. Dim Mak
06. Slow Song
07. Hands
08. B-Side
09. Holiday Ft Dy Cy
10. Serious Business
11. Bring it Back in Ft Gavlyn
12. Calling Out
13. So Far (Outro)
14. Soul Part
15. Future Buds
16. Bong Bong

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