King Lil G releases his long awaited #AK47Boyz mixtape.

Download At:

Track List:

1. Hopeless Boy Feat. David Ortiz (Prod. By NutKase)
2. AK47
3. Can’t Relate (Prod. By Lewis Parker)
4. Windows Down Feat. Drummer Boy (Prod. By Drummer Boy)
5. Delusional (Prod. By Five On Trez)
6. El Alpachino Feat. LA Gun Smoke (Prod. By Five Oh Trez)
7. Dirty Feat. Drummer Boy (Prod. By SM Tracks)
8. Joey and Jasmine
9. Like That Feat. Baby Gunz Drummer Boy (Prod. Drummer Boy)
10. Blunt After Blunt Feat. Reverie (Prod. Infameezy)
11. Love Kills Feat. Krypto (Prod. By A$AP Jermz, Jedi Keyz)
13. Make U Mine Feat. Carolyn Rodriguez (Prod. David Salas)

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ALBUM: King Lil G – #AK47Boyz [Los Angeles, CA]

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