New album from Arianna Puello from the Dominican Republic. “Despierta” features 16 tracks produced mainly by Factor Primo and Ski Beatz, with collaborations with Frank T, Capaz, Langui, Kase O, Nomah, Bebe, Canserbero, Sick Jacken, Negro HP, Gaudy Mercy and Gery.

The album is now available in all digital platforms and on Arianna Puellos’s official site:

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01. Razón De Ser (Intro)
02. Despierta
03. Hip Hop Yo
04. Hardcore & Feroz
05. Corazones Crudos (Ft. Negro HP)
06. Inocentes
07. Hablamos De Respeto (Ft. Sick Jacken y Canserbero)
08. Metralla (Ft. Keishal y Niche)
09. Sal Corriendo
10. Paz y Libertad (Ft. Gery)
11. Arriba Los Buscavidas 2015 (Ft. Kase O, Nomah, El Langui, Capaz y Bebe)
12. Levanta Las Manos
13. Más Que RAP (Ft. Gaudy Mercy)
14. No Lo Acepto (Ft. Frank T)
15. El Principio Del Fin
16. Chin Chin!! (Outro)

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[Album] Arianna Puello – Despierta

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