TSH Sudaca – Sentipensante

Sentipensante is the title of the latest album by South American artist TSH Sudaca. A project where artists from the upcoming Bogota’s Hip Hop scene collaborated to create a concept album made up of 8 tracks. The production for Sentipensante was curated by creative group S90F in which all its members interacted and collaborated together, connecting the three cities where S90F operates from: Bogota, London and Genova.

The music composition was made by producer Daniel Farell a.k.a El Campeón under supervision of TSH. The recordings, arrangements and post-production (mixing & mastering) by producer/engineer Diego Martinez a.k.a Kokkenbeat at S90F studios Bogotá.

Now available on iTunes


01. Sentipensante
02. Buscandole Males Al Cuerpo ft. Xar Xu Plex
03. Hey Tu Profeta
04. En Mi ft. Negro Valle
05. Un Abrazo Mas
06. Interludio
07. Suelto Mi Plexo
08. Jeet Kune Do

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