TMVSC – Wigidi Wac Feat Adil Omar ( Prod By Beatwife ) [Venice, CA & Islamabad, PAKISTAN]

[youtube id=”qZCj67tIgP8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

TMVSC – Wigidi Wac Feat Adil Omar [Venice, CA & Islamabad, Pakistan]

New music video for “Wigidi Wac” from TMVSC (The Miami Vice Sound Crack), an electronic/hip hop group put together by Sid Wilson of Slipknot, Featuring band mate Keen One on the song, and infamous Pakistan rapper, Adil Omar. Scenes shot on location in Venice, California, and in Pakistan!

Download this track and the rest of the TMVSC “Wac Tape” at

Produced by Beatwife
Video Directed by thekeenone, SID and InCahoots Films
Shot by Agentspits & Vikto Beats of Fuck Your Hustle (USA), Shahbaz Shigri (Pakistan)
Edited by Shahbaz Shigri of InCahoots Films

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