Shane Kidd – Ink Of A Scholar

Shane Kidd – Ink Of A Scholar ( Featuring DJ Earl The Third )
Produced by 9k AUD!O
“Everybody has a story to tell, will you listen to the story they tell” Shane Kidd’s latest song “Ink of Scholar” begins with those words. “Ink of a Scholar” is the lead single off Shane’s Double single EP the “Prologue”. In a world of deferred dreams and broken promises, Shane shares his story and the under-told stories of others who are looking for freedom in this chaotic world. With more awareness of society being fractured, voice being marginalized, and what’s truthful isn’t always trendy Shane Kidd wants to say there’s freedom.
The Prologue OUT NOW:
About Shane Kidd:
“Renewing minds and Redeeming Dreams” in a world full of brokenness and uncertainty, Shane Kidd chooses to live by this philosophy fight for something different. Dallas native and Atlanta resident while being raised in the south, Shane gravitated towards Hip Hop’s home New York for his listening choice. As he heard more and he gained an affinity for the artist like Nas, Mos Def, and The Roots. Eventually, he picked up a pen and pad desiring to be an emcee conscious of the world around him. Intersecting conscious thought, everyday struggles, and persevering faith, Shane Kidd uses his music to inspire people to explore the world outside and understand the world within.
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