ScienZe – Juice & Gin

ScienZe – Juice & Gin

“Juice & Gin” is the new visual from ScienZE off his latest album, ‘Kind Of Dessert’.

About ‘Kind Of Dessert’:

Blurb “It’s always about a woman. Even when it’s not. Kind of Dessert is where Ella meets Good Food.

‘Kind of Dessert’ is a 14 track follow up album to last year’s Good Food release. It conveys different situations and points of view in regards to relationships and what the youth now call “situationships.” The album begins with a voice mail left by a young lady that seems to have been on the verge of falling in like, but things didn’t go quite as smoothly as one would want. ScienZe replies as if knowing this and agreeing. He replies over the “Can We Talk” sample. The next track comes from the male perspective of a “side piece.” Then come the raps.

Main Course

Water to Wine ( Feat. Blu )

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