Saturday November 29th come and celebrate Hip-Hop history month and Rhyme Fest LA Concert Series 1 year Anniversary

They have joined forces with KRS ONE to present a 2 hour set never before seen by the blast master himself.

The event will feature a reunion of Haiku De’tat ( Myka 9, Abstract Rude & Acealone ). Wildchild and DJ Romes from the LOOTPACK doing all there classic hits. Also on the performing Nocando!

The Cypher Effect will host live cypher sessions with some of California’s dopest emcees!


Ukrainian Cultural Center (YKO) Los Angeles
4315 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California 90029

 [youtube id=”qT0TxE1RqAQ&” width=”620″ height=”360″]
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Rhyme Fest LA: KRS ONE w/ Many Special Guests! – Los Angeles, CA [11 / 29 / 14]

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