Phora releases his latest project titled “Angels With Broken Wings”.

The album features Wolvang and Cota along with production by Anthro Beats and Eskupe.

“Angels With Broken Wings” is now available on iTunes!

Official clothing merch and music available at

Track Listing:

01. Unspoken
02. The World
03. Unconditional
04. The Pressure
05. The One For You
06. Halos & Devil Horns
07. People
08. What If
09. Wish You Knew ( Feat Wolvang )
10. Angels With Broken Wings
11. Deeper Than Blood
12. Grateful ( Feat Cota )
13. Foolish ( Feat Wolvang )
14. The Beauty Inside
15. God’s Plan
16. Counting My Blessings

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Phora – Angels With Broken Wings

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