Otis Mensah – Sanctuary

UK Hip Hop artist, Otis Mensah, releases his latest music video ‘Sanctuary’ and debut mixtape “Days Over Damson”.

“So this right here’s for the Days over Damson … An obsession with time shadows my existence; it stalks my stark reality. The only light at this point floods in through the liquid crystal display. Nostalgia is the inevitable human curse but embrace it, embody it, remember and recall the fruitful times past. Although we are above and beyond the memoirs of yesterday, experience the joy found in the process of recollection and reminiscence but know this feeling can be recreated and made flesh in new forms, tomorrow. The future is waiting and it all begins with the ‘Days over Damson’.”

“Days Over Damson” is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at https://otismensah.bandcamp.com/


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