Otis Mensah – Juxtaposition
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We’re constantly being made to face moments of conflicting juxtaposition. It’s almost inevitable in life and it seems like these moments strike logic with redundancy all most. We’re made to draw from another source of reasoning, I guess this is where faith, or compassion make their name and these things aren’t always logical but it doesn’t necessarily deem them unintelligent or irrelevant. It’s moments like this when we start to bend the rules slightly and rely on components of alternate perspective.

“what if the pearly gates had barbed fencing?” Reaching the pearly gates whatever that means, whether metaphorically speaking or talking literal after-life, it’s a pretty positive concept, reaching heavens gates, I mean, it’s the ultimate situation but by adding this imagery of heaven’s gates having barbed fencing throws a juxtaposing curve ball in the mix, now there’s a sudden obstacle in between you and paradise, but that doesn’t necessarily revoke the feeling of happiness on arrival but neither does it bring an end to the anxiety reserved for unanswered questions like ‘what does this obstacle mean for me and my future’ and this is just a demonstration of two contrasting states of mind and existence that are forced to co-exist together in unison, which is what we see in life constantly… Like to love, for example; to love someone or even something entirely, often comes with a price attached, angst or pain maybe, knowing that whoever or whatever it is that you love can’t and won’t last forever… And that’s Juxtaposition.

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Otis Mensah – Juxtaposition