‘Computers Outside’ is the new concept-EP from UK based rap-poet Otis Mensah, accompanied by the mellow, boombap instrumental sound of U.S Baltimore based hip-hop producer Ray Sosa. This 5 track overseas collaboration explores themes of an excessive internet and digital age, with introspection and energy in delivery.

“In this internet age that we all exist in, I feel it has become easy to fall victim to a vicious cycle of monotony, eventually leading to a life of total mediocrity, if the worst case scenario prevails. This virtual matrix has become a primary and staple necessity; a habitual right to be plugged in to, since all signs of the internet as a recreational and educational entity owning luxury-status has been drained out and flushed away. The generation that succeeds us will only know of a time when the internet and computing as its driving force was not in full effect second hand, vaguely through memorabilia.” Otis Mensah, Computers Outside.

‘Computers Outside EP’ Available now at https://otismensah.bandcamp.com/

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Otis Mensah – Computers Outside (EP)