Odessa Kane – GPT / Mississippi Burning Still

Last year’s “Left To Bear Arms” EP by Odessa Kane was intended to act as a sample of what the San Diego Emcee was building toward his debut Beatrock Music album. The 7-song work garnered unexpected praise very early on, which pushed Odessa Kane onto the road and away from the studio for most of 2015. Finally, in the early half of 2016, he’s found a long enough break between shows to get back to work on his upcoming LP.

Odessa Kane also took that time to shoot a music video for the hit song “GPT”, produced by Digital Martyrs, from the 2015 EP. Directed by Bambu, shot and edited by Jerick Carinoe, GPT takes place in an undisclosed location somewhere in San Diego’s Southeast.
Also included at the tail of the video, Odessa Kane set visuals to accompany the Fatgums produced track, “Mississippi Burning Still”.

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Purchase Left to Bear Arms: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/left-to-bear-arms/id1022431713

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