Maya Jupiter – Madre Tierra ( Feat. Los Cojolites )

Maya Jupiter – Madre Tierra ( Featuring Los Cojolites )
Directed by Kimberly Bautista
Produced by Quetzal Flores ( ARTEVISTAFILMS )

“Madre Tierra” interrogates women’s varied roles in the home, the public sphere, on political levels and all the ways we shape social political culture, drawing on various historical references of women who have had significant impact on the world and in critical thought. The video both in imagery and lyrical content reminds the viewer of the important work women do on a daily basis.
The video’s director Kimberly Bautista, filmmaker and crusader against violence towards women, incorporates the work of Mexican animator Diego Vargas ( to create visually powerful imagery to compliment the strong lyrics that make up the song.

“’Madre Tierra’” is my way of showing the power of women as Mother Earth. I wanted to express all the ways we love, nurture, care, fight and struggle,” said Maya Jupiter. The lyrics also reference the Black Lives Matter movement through a call to “Say Her Name” which addresses all the black women’s lives that have been lost to police brutality and other forms of violence against women of color throughout the world. Maya adds, “It is important to honor the women we have lost to violence and hold space for them. I also wanted to show how we are all connected globally and generationally in our various struggles. My Mother sent me a very special scarf to wear in the video, it comes from my Great-Grandmother’s village Çamlıhemşin, in Turkey. I wore it to honor my ancestors and to remind myself of the long line of women who fought for me.”

Keeping with Artivist tradition, especially in light of the state sanctioned violence against brown and black lives, Maya Jupiter’s intention is to instigate thought and discussion and to create generative moments that inspire people in the struggle.

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