Lupillo Rivera, Alemán, Santa Fe Klan, B-Real, Snoop Dogg – Grandes Ligas

Lupillo Rivera, Alemán, Santa Fe Klan, B-Real, Snoop Dogg – Grandes Ligas

GRAMMY Award-winning Regional Mexican singer/songwriter Lupillo Rivera has assembled a cross-cultural All Star Team comprised of Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill’s B-Real, and Mexican emcees Alemán and Santa Fe Klan. The genre-bending single, produced by Z Records and Prajin Parlay CEO George Prajin, unites music fans across generations, cultures, and regions for a bilingual soundtrack of accomplishment and innovation of two worlds colliding. The video was shot in both Mexico and Los Angeles, and features the five power players showcasing various aspects of their lifestyles. The West Coast pioneers’ prominence in their respective genres, and the rookies’ dominance in their field showcases just how worthy they have become to don the uniform and earn a position in the “Grandes Ligas.”

Lupillo Rivera is described as “one of the most influential artists in the Regional Mexican genre” — with a career spanning over two decades, countless chart-topping singles and albums, a GRAMMY Award win for his 2009 album release Tu Esclavo y Amo, and several more nominations. While B-Real earned his title as one of the architects of West Coast hip-hop with over 20 million albums sold worldwide, as well as an innovator in Latin rap with the release of Cypress Hill’s certified-Platinum album ‘Los Grandes Éxitos En Español.’ He has previously collaborated with Alemán on the song titled “Vision” that appeared on his joint project ‘Los Meros’ with fellow West Coast rapper Berner. Snoop Dogg is also regarded as a pioneer of the West Coast rap scene in the 90s and has gone on to release 18 studio albums, sell over 35 million albums worldwide and has crossed over into acting. He had also previously collaborated with Alemán on “Mi Tio Snoop” that has accumulated over 60 million views on YouTube. A little known fact is that Lupillo and Snoop both attended Long Beach Poly High School together and were even in the same class.

With their turn at bat, the song is also the first time the young Mexican standouts Alemán and Santa Fe Klan collaborate on a track together. Alemán has been releasing music for about half a decade now and has amassed a huge fan base across Latin America. He is regarded as one of the best Spanish-language rappers and has become a rap phenomenon in Mexico. His colleague Santa Fe Klan is younger in age, but his stats are equally as impressive. He has toured throughout Latin America and his musical offerings are currently at hundreds of millions of streams and growing each day.

“Grandes Ligas” serves as a centerpiece of a cultural movement that has seen a growth spike in recent years of Regional Mexican acts collaborating with American rappers. Snoop Dogg previously collaborated with Banda MS on the single “Que Maldicion” in 2020, and more recently Drakeo the Ruler released a single with Herencia de Patrones titled “La Verdad.” Not new to Z Records and Prajin Parlay CEO George Prajin — to whom Lupillo Rivera is signed to a record and management deal — he was early in spotting the overlap between Regional Mexican and hip-hop audiences and has been fusing the two genres together for over 20 years on projects such as Banda Rap released back in 2001. This is a musical trend that will only continue to grow as it is deeply rooted in the cultural context of Los Angeles’ bicultural musical landscape and population.

“It was important that this song be done with 90s West Coast-style production because it is a timeless record with some heavy hitters that are legends in their respective genres — this is the big leagues. From the moment I came up with the idea for the collab I was set on it embodying the golden era of West Coast rap,” explains George Prajin. “Alemán and Santa Fe Klan shine on the record alongside Lupillo, Snoop, and B-Real. My team and I are working on an EP with some more top-level artists, and we are all excited about what’s to come.”

Lupillo Rivera recently launched an interview-style YouTube series titled Epoca Pesada “to interview artists from the 90s and put the 90s music back and its artists on the map,” explains Rivera. “The kids listening to the new stuff are also listening to 90s Regional Mexican music but I don’t think they know who the artists are. So, let’s put ourselves out there.” Confirmed as guests on the show are Snoop Dogg, B-Real, and Alemán — whose episode will be released next Wednesday, May 19.

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