Glass Bottom Boat – Definitive: A Year In The Nebula “Fall”

Doggma Uno and Glass Bottom Boat Productions are very excited to announce the new LP Definitive: A Year In The Nebula – Fall, releasing December 8th, 2017.

The 14 track project features production from some of hip hop’s premier beat smiths, including: Duke Westlake, Kev Brown, EQ – Out The Ashtray of LA, Jeepz, Dellue, Calvin Valentine, Prez Sinatra, Sumthin Gunny, and Doggma Zero and Cal-S-thetics themselves.

This playlist features Tone Dogg Raw and Cal-S-thetics at the helm, navigating the listener through yet another season, with help from DJ Rawz Ill Remedy and DJ Orator providing the scratches and cuts, as well as vocal contributions from Dave Allen, AO and Noreik Thascool.

Mixed and Mastered by EQ – Out the Ashtray of LA, this soundscape makes the stories almost tangible. “This album doesn’t feel like a continuation of what we’ve been doing. It feels like transition and movement. We really tried to capture the autumn season musically,” reveals Tone Dogg Raw when asked.

Thematically, this album’s thesis explores introspection, melancholy, transition and strategy. As the leaves change and the air becomes crisp, the duo that is Glass Bottom Boat subtly illustrates the autumn and it’s often tacit progression of the year with a mood music soundtrack.

Pre-order or listen to Definitive: A Year In The Nebula – Fall at your favorite digital outlet.

Definitive: A Year In The Nebula – Fall track listing:

1. Falling Leaves (Prod. By Doggma Zero, Cuts by DJ Rawz Ill Remedy)
2. Push (Prod. By Jeepz)
3. Starters (Prod. By Kev Brown, Cuts by DJ Rawz Ill Remedy)
4. Masters Of The Dark Arts (Prod. By Duke Westlake)
5. Stained Glass (Prod. By EQ Out the Ash Tray of LA)
6. Déjà Vu Ft. Dave Allen (Prod. By Sumthin Gunny)
7. Gone With the Wind Ft. AO (Prod. By Dellue)
8. Equinox Ft Noreik Thascool (Prod. By EQ Out the Ash Tray of LA)
9. Autumn Keys (Prod. By Cal-S-Thetics)
10. Shinto Shrine (Prod. By Calvin Valentine)
11. Territory Ft. DJ Rawz Ill Remedy (Prod. By EQ Out the Ash Tray of LA)
12. From the Heart Ft. DJ Orator (Prod. By EQ Out the Ash Tray of LA)
13. Fall Off It (Prod. By EQ Out the Ash Tray of LA)
14. Can’t Stop The Flow (Prod. By Prez Sinatra)

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