Atmosphere – Kanye West [MINNEAPOLIS, MN]

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Atmosphere – Kanye West

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Directed by Pete Lee
Produced by Scandinavia
Executive Producer – Siddiq Sayers
Producer/Production Manager – Colin Shane
Assistant Producer – Jenny Calhoun

Director of Photography – Drew Daniels
1st AC – Zach Kertesz
Grips – Basho Parks
Gaffer/Electric – Geoffrey Taylor
Camera PAs: Kyle Perron, Nico Serneo, David Lopez Cubias

Production Design – Margaux Rust
Art Department Lead – Alise Anderson
Wardrobe – Katherine Yeh @ The Style Kouncil
Hair & Makeup – Emily Rose Jones

Unit Photographer – Rick Marr

Weapon Master – Ruben Aguirre @ Highbridge Arms
Slug’s Stunt Double – Pete Lee

Craft Service – Out the Door

Atmosphere Southsiders is due out 5.6.14 on Rhymesayers Entertainment.


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