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Alcapella, a rising beat maker from Key West, Florida releases his latest beat tape. His second foray into the whole instrumental project idea, he gives an introspective look at the stages of a failed relationship.

“It’s more of an introspective project as opposed to a bunch of neck breakers. Throughout the 12 track project, I explain my thoughts through my last relationship.”

The beginning: (The peace, the belief, the adventure, and the bliss),
The break up: (Life, Dreaming of You),
The anger/confusion: (Nothing For You, Didn’t I)
The Healing Process (Clap Your Handz, Passive Aggressive)
Down to the conclusion where I get over it all (Much Success To Ya, Goodbye)

Download the project:


Twitter: @alcapella667
Instagram: Alcapella667

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Alcapella – Alcapella Beat Tape [Album]

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