Tech N9ne has unleashed his newest Collabos album, Tech N9ne Collabos – Strangeulation! Featuring a who’s who of your favorite Strange Music artistsStrangeulation proves to the masses that Tech N9ne and Strange have the world in a lyrical chokehold that will leave lesser artists gasping for air! Come get the newest release from Tech N9ne: Tech N9ne Collabos – Strangeulation.

Purchase It Here:

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1. Cypher I
2. Hard (feat. Murs)
3. Over It (feat. Ryan Bradley)
4. Make Waves (feat. Krizz Kaliko, Rittz & Tyler Lyon)
5. Nobody Cares [Remix] (feat. Stevie Stone, Krizz Kaliko, Wrekonize, Bernz & Ces Cru)
6. Great Night (feat. Ces Cru)
7. Red Rags (feat Big Scoob, Jay Rock & Kutt Calhoun)
8. Strangeulation II (feat. Stevie Stone, Murs, Broth Lynch Hung & Godemis)
9. Which One (feat. Murs & Godemis)
10. American Horror Story (feat. Ces Cru)
11. Fear (feat. Mackenzie O’Guin)
12. Strangeulation III (feat. Bernz, Kutt Calhoun, Ubiquitous & Wrekonize)
13. Na Na (feat. Stevie Stone & Rittz)
14. Stink (feat. Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone & Kendall Morgan)
15. The Calling (feat. Tyler Lyon)
16. We Are Free (feat. Bernz & Wrekonize)
17. Strangeulation IV (feat. Prozak. Big Scoob, Krizz Kaliko & Rittz)
18. Sut Mig
19. SOTG Remix [Intro]
20. Straight Out The Gate: The Scott Stevens Remix (feat. John 5 & Krizz Kaliko)
21. Withdrawal (feat. Krizz Kaliko)
22. Nobody Cares (feat. Krizz Kaliko & Stevie Stone)

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ALBUM: Tech N9ne Collabos – Strangeulation [Kansas City, MO]

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