Reverie and Louden released their latest work titled “Russian Roulette” featuring Murs, Self Provoked, Bambu, Eligh and more.

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Track List:

1. Russian Roulette ( Intro )
2. Russian Roulette
3. The One ( Evacute )
4. Sitting With My Head Down, Part 2 ( Always Slowed )
5. William
6. Up All Night ( Feat Murs )
7. Stagnant
8. Blue Skies ( Feat Self Provoked and Citrine )
9. Rhodes
10. Since You Left
11. LA Interlude
12. Los Angeles Times ( Feat Bambu and Dye )
13. Walk In These Shoes ( Say Something ) ( Feat Dave Allen )
14. Palm Trees ( Feat Luckyiam )
15. Triple Kick
16. Need Me, Part 3
17. Fuck What You Saying Now ( Feat Eligh )
18. While I’m Still Here ( All I Know )
19. Always Down

Watch Reverie on The Cypher Effect:

[youtube id=”okM2R0yZNow” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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ALBUM: Reverie x Louden – Russian Roulette [Highland Park, CA]

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