Phora drops a brand new mixtape for free titled “Sincerely Yours”

Get the double disc hard copies at


1. Summer Nights
2. Forgive Me Mother
3. Tell Me
4. Catharsis
5. A Lil Liquor ( Feat Eskupe )
6. Father
7. Motivated
8. The Root Of All Evil
9. Stuart Little
10. No Other Way
11. As Time Goes By
12. Stick Em Up ( Feat Eskupe )
13. Swapmeet Steelo
14. Father Pt 2 ( If Youre Out There )
15. SoulStar
16. Make You Feel
17. Time Will Tell ( We’ll Find A Way )
18. My Story

Watch The Cypher Effect session featuring Phora

[youtube id=”to9ccwXglpM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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ALBUM: Phora – Sincerely Yours [Anaheim, CA]

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