MC Kaur, the first female MC of India, works on a realistic attempt in this era where Hip Hop falls prey to the misogyny and stereotype of every form, in this case, the term Bahu (meaning daughter in law).

Highly and entirely derived from her personal life, Kaur intends to break the shackle of the worst social stigmas, that more often than not, she herself has had faced in different phases of time and on different lands.

Kaur in this album has worked with Hip Hop producers from Germany, Texas, California and India.

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Track List:

01. Made Love To J Dilla That Night (Prod. by Spok Beats)
02. Funk De Vyapaari (Ft. and Prod. by Prabh Deep)
03. Life Of A Writer ft. Zake (Prod. by Figub Brazlevič)
04. Get Up And Get Down (Prod. by Namek)
05. Art Saviours (Prod. by Pro2kon)
06. See You Rise (Prod. by Juels)
07. Post Wedding Blues 03:51
08. Frozen Love ft. Avi (Prod. by: Figub Brazlevič)
09. What I Need A Beat For (Prod. by Rokem)
10. Another Old Monk Day (Prod. by Kazi)
11. Its like that (Prod. by: Nappy Kitchen Productions)

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ALBUM: MC Kaur – Hip Hop Bahu [Mumbai, INDIA]

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