ALBUM: King Lil G – 90’s Kid

King Lil G 90s Kid the Cypher Effect

King Lil G releases a brand new project titled “90’s Kid” with appearances by Self Provoked, LA Gun Smoke, 2 Tone and more!

Now Available On iTunes:

Track Listing:

01. Graff Intro
02. Ignorance
03. Grow Up Feat Chikk
04. Weed 4 The Low Feat Self Provoked and LA Gun Smoke
05. That Loud
06. Get High Feat Krypto
07. No Reason
08. Same Ones
09. Eternal West Coast Feat Chikk
10. House Party ( Skit )
11. More Bounce Feat Young Drummer Boy and 2 Tone
12. 9’6 Feat EMC Senatra
13. Gang Signs
14. Mistakes

Watch KING LIL G On The Cypher Effect:

[youtube id=”75jSrRC6xQM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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