Track Listing:

01. Back Me Up

02. Studio (Remix)

03. Real Shit ft Blaine, T-Rex, Dro

04. Push It ft Pancho V

05. Nothing To Something ft Papa Smurf

06. Take Me ft Stomper, Jack Da Ripa

07. Won’t Let Me Go ft Pain

08. Cherry Pie ft Squinkla

09. Free Juan Gotti ft Juan Gotti

10. Who Are You ft Lil Smitty

11. Muthaf**ka ft Low G, Mr. Criminal

12. No Plex Flow ft Blaine

13. ‘Love And War’ album snippets ft King Lil G, MC Magic, SPM, YBE, Mr. Criminal

The Cypher Effect
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ALBUM: Carolyn Rodriguez – Fuck What They Think [Houston, TX]

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