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Brookfield Duece – Training Camp

Artist Album Description:

Training Camp is about the battle I have (and many other artists) with making commercial sounding music vs. underground hip hop music, the title references the fact that im trying new things out, reaching outside of my local area sound, showing versatility from previous projects. Growing. Practicing. Training.


Track List:

01. Intro (prod by MKSB)
02. Old Me ft. Mistah FAB, Joyntz, Danny From Sobrante, & Ceeza Luciano (prod by Taz Taylor)
03. 35,000 (prod by MKSB)
04. Timeout #1 (prod by MKSB)
05. Everything & Money ft. ShonuffNYC & C-Rob (prod by MKSB)
06. Peer Pressure (prod by Matcy P of the Shipmates)
07. In Love with the Hustle (prod by Matcy P of the Shipmates)
08. Timeout #2 (prod by MKSB)
09. High School Love (prod by MKSB)
10. Ghetto Children ft Doja (prod by MKSB)
11. Everything ft. Ceeza Luciano (prod by MKSB)
12. Timeout #3 (prod by MKSB)
13. Practice ft. Arlene Naranjo (prod by DJ Project & The Profit)
14. Outro (prod by MKSB)

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ALBUM: Brookfield Duece – Training Camp [Oakland, CA]

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